A Holistic Approach to Network Security Consulting


Network/Cyber Security Consulting is about much more than just implementing hardware or software solutions. Effective cyber security services are tailored to address the specific threats and risk faced by your organization.

Every company needs to understand what they are protecting, how it will be protected, and when preventive measures have been successful. Organizational needs vary based on compliance requirements, business needs, and industry-specific threats.


Tanner’s network security analysts are familiar with all the latest security tools, threats, compliance regulations, and industry developments. Each individual organization requires a customized approach that best fits its needs.


Our Network Security Consulting services are designed to address issues like:


  • Risk identification and assessment

  • Vulnerability remediation

  • Secure network architecting

  • Regulatory compliance requirements (PCI, NCUA, HIPPA, GLBA, etc.)


The Tanner Difference


Every day, Tanner’s network security consulting team helps organizations like yours address a wide range of security concerns. Here are a few of our recent success stories.

PCI Compliance – A large corporation contacted us over fines levied by a merchant provider for gaps in PCI compliance. Their combination of global e-commerce sales and local transactions was presenting them with a unique challenge. With our help, the company met all of the merchant provider’s requirements and significantly increased their security posture, all within about three months.

Compliance Auditing – A financial services organization contacted Tanner because a recent compliance audit revealed negative findings about their operations. They wanted to resolve this issue quickly, but the report was too ambiguous for them to devise a clear resolution. Our IT support team went right to work and quickly provided an independent, customized IT controls audit. This resolved their issue and saved them from the costly repercussions of remaining out of compliance long term.

Affordable Testing Solutions – Another company contacted us because they believed they were paying too much for annual security tests through another company. We were able to provide various cyber security service options that helped the company save money and maintain a secure network.


Quality, Cost-Effective IT Security Solutions


No matter what your company’s network security concern may be, Tanner can provide you with expert network security analysis services. Our methods have already proved effective in other organizations and can all be customized to fit your company’s needs.

Let one of our dedicated network security consultants help you and your team create and implement effective cyber security measures for your organization. We are here to answer your questions, provide recommendations, and help you make better-informed decisions about your information security management program.

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