Network Vulnerability Assessment Process


A Network Vulnerability Assessment is a great way to determine a network’s susceptibility to hacking. This is accomplished through a specialized scanning and assessment process that is designed to identify common threats, such as:


  • Outdated server OS and software versions

  • Insecure/deprecated server settings

  • Default or easily-breached login credentials

  • Unencrypted network protocols

  • Excessive access on anonymous or guest user accounts


Company servers contain a wealth of valuable and sensitive information, and hackers know how to access and steal that data. Our network vulnerability management service will help ensure that your network is (and remains) secure.


Tanner’s Network Vulnerability Assessment Process


A vulnerability assessment should provide actionable information to the customer, regardless of their level of technical knowledge or expertise. Traditional “vulnerability scans” create lengthy reports and provide recommendations that might not fit your particular network.

Our goal is to provide you with detailed, yet concise, reports that will convey the identified risks while providing the necessary recommendations and information to fix the problems.


Over 6,000 vulnerabilities were publicly released and documented in 2015 alone; that’s an average of over 500 per month!


Due to the rapidly evolving nature of network security, we strongly encourage companies to schedule regular and recurring vulnerability assessments. Monthly network vulnerability assessments are the simplest way to keep a pulse on the security of a network and ensure a timely response to future threats.


Vulnerability Assessment Deliverables


After performing a detailed assessment of your organization’s servers and IT systems, Tanner will deliver a detailed report containing all of the following information:


  • Executive summary

  • Number of the discovered vulnerabilities on the network

  • Severity assessment of found vulnerabilities

  • Pattern of risk over recurring assessments

  • The risk level of each identified host

  • Prioritized action plan to fix the identified vulnerabilities


Additionally, you have direct access to an experienced Information Security Analyst who can answer any questions you may have about your report, the discovered vulnerabilities, or recommended actions.

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