What is social Engineering training?

Understanding how easily a social engineer can get into a company’s network is one thing, but changing the employees’ behaviors is another. Tanner’s Information Security team is here to help with both.

We strongly believe that education key to long-term risk reduction. Tanner’s Employee Security Training focuses on helping users understand their role in maintaining and protecting the company’s security.

Our social engineering training (aka security awareness training) program targets the following key areas:

  • What end-user actions put the organization at risk

  • Examples of recent cyber threats

  • Recognizing and responding to cyber threats

  • Company security policy compliance

Our cyber security training program helps you create a culture of vigilance within your organization. It teaches your employees how to combat cyber threats targeted at end-users like themselves and avoid costly or even devastating security breaches.

How we’re different

Most security awareness programs focus only on abstract concepts and scenarios that users have heard multiple times before. These programs fail to address real-world, company-specific issues and threats. Our in-person training model is a much more effective solution that costs roughly the same as some of the leading digital training courses.

By showing users real-world examples of cyber threats that could affect their workplaces, we help them understand how to recognize social engineering attacks and how to effectively respond with appropriate actions. Our training sessions are engaging, interactive, and fun.

What you get

Your onsite training session begins with an explanation of current social engineering trends and the kinds of issues companies like yours face every day. We present different tactics, techniques, and attack vectors technical hackers use to steal private information, and compare this information the methods social engineers use to access secured data. We then offer and suggest an array of preventative measures your company can use to start deflecting socially engineered cyber security attacks immediately.

Engage the security experts

Learn how Tanner’s security services can help you accomplish your specific business goals.

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